Every day we offer different snacks and breakfasts for different tastes. The menu also includes burgers, pizzas, à la carte dishes and various lunches. We use fresh ingredients and try to satisfy all tastes, whether you are a passionate meat eater or vegan. You are invited to brunch to see for yourself the quality of our products.

We prepare fresh breakfasts and lunches every day. If you are on a business trip, have time for a snack during work, or just don’t feel like cooking for yourself today, visit us, and we will make sure that you leave refreshed with a good meal enjoyed in a wonderful atmosphere and in good company.

Burgers, pizzas, à la carte dishes and the most special meals are available every day.

We offer all types of catering for various events.

In addition to the traditional range of drinks that you can find in most bars, we also offer a large selection of special whiskeys, cognacs and other high-class drinks. Excellent coffee and natural homemade juices are also available.

Delivery of all food from our offer is available.